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  • Charlotte Hue's mother, Jane Browning, passed away 3/31/20. Funeral arrangements pending.
  • Tom and Susan Pritchard's family are grieving the loss of their great niece who passed away with complications from Coronavirus.
  • Healthcare, emergency and service workers, serving others at a higher risk to themselves during this virus.
  • Mike & Joyce Murphy are mourning the loss of Mike's brother, Charles, who left his earthy home on Thursday, March 26.
  • Linn Herman is holding off on chemo medication at this time to help his immune system. He is having some blood cell improvement, which is great news.
  • Mike Murphy is recovering from surgery to repair a stricture. The tumor previously removed had not invaded the muscle wall - this is great news.
  • Tom Pullman needs relief for back pain.
  • Randy Curtis needs our prayers as he recovers from surgery for colon cancer. He only has 8 remaining treatments.
  • Jerry Kimbrough continues to need your prayers.
  • Marilyn Carpenter is home from rehabilitation but continues to need to build strength.
  • Prayers for our grieving families
  • Cynthia Butler is in Jefferson Manor.
  • Candy Lackie is in St. James Place.
  • Ronnie Harper is in The Woodleigh on Old Hammond.
  • Nancy & AJ DeMarcay for health issues.
  • Dot Carter - health issues and grief.
  • Glen Carpenter improve from cancer of the tongue.
  • Missionary Families -David & Ana Guaicara; Winston and Luis Bolt are in Indonesia.

Friends And Family Of Members

  • Brandy Vazquez' extended family member, Allen Meades, just recovered from staph on the bone and was also diagnosed with colon cancer. He was to be released home when he tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • Jan Talkington's father, Joe Williams, passed away on Sunday, April 5, 2020 in Arkansas.
  • Mona Hayden's sister, Pam, was diagnosed with Covid-19. She has done well and is passed the critical symptoms.
  • Gina Hendrix's grandson, Harrison, is home after a long stay at a New Orleans' hospital. He is in need of a stem cell transplant.
  • Kathy DePew (former member) niece, Melanie is home recovering from COVID 19 after being on a ventilator in ICU. They thank you for the prayers.
  • Lavern Webb's friend, Mary Lou, was diagnosed with astmatic bronchitis.
  • Tad Hardy's friends' husband, Clayton, has been hospitalized with suspected COVID19.
  • Glenn Allen's brother received a cancer diagnosis and will begin treatments.
  • Lisa Lackie's dad, Leonard, had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday (3/11). Prayers for a successful recovery.
  • Carter family grieves the loss of Jimmie Carter's sister, Tiney Westberry.
  • Pam Wylie's cousin, Danny, has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.
  • Carolyn Myer's dad, Oscar Armstrong, is in Hospice care.
  • Benji, friend to many in our homeschool community, suffered a serious brain injury and will be under long term treatment for recovery.
  • Vicki Doyle's friend, Julie, is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.
  • Teri Myers' mother has been diagnosed with cancer, she is finishing her final chemo treatment and doing a little better. Her stepdad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, continues with chemo and has a CT scan scheduled. He also is doing a little better.
  • Tad Hardy's mom, Jean, has been moved to skilled nursing facility.
  • Norma Henley, Glenda Tate's sister, is going through treatments and needs your prayers.
  • Don Stewart's great niece, Myliee (10 yr.old) was in a serious 4 wheeler accident. Prayers for healing and no brain damage.
  • Kelly, Loren Scott's daughter, recovery from brain cancer & proper medication treatments.
  • Tom Duve's nephew, Charlie, was in a serious accident. He has a long recovery ahead of him.
  • Jerry Hendrick (former member) battles esophageal cancer.
  • Laura Kate Amrhein's father, Sam Barham, is battling leukemia.
  • Doyle's friend, Rhett Guerin, is undergoing chemo for brain tumor.
  • Greg Douglas' sister, Glenda, continues to recover from a serious burn accident, prayer for physical and emotional healing.
  • Laura Rainier's step grandfather, Mike, struggles with COPD.
  • Judy & Larry Kindred (friends of Beatty's) suffer with many health issues.
  • Jeanne Beatty's Friend, Dot Lofton suffering with MS and severe depression and resides in a nursing home.
  • Charlotte Word's Mother, Patsy Williams, health and care issues.
  • Sonja Laborde's mother, Jane Riner, lives with a fracture in her neck.