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Prayer Requests - Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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  • Phoebe Weaver has moved to St. James Assisted Living. She has suffered some recent health setbacks. Prayers are appreciated.
  • Lucy Houston passed from her earthly life on Saturday, April 20, 2019. 
  • Randy Curtis has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. His recent bone scan came back normal, which is good news. Prayers for treatment plan to be successful.
  • Micky Knighten's brother-in-law passed away in an auto accident last week. Services were in San Antonio.
  • Greg Douglas' family is grieving the passing of his sister-in-law, Theresa
  • Lora Taylor is recovering from surgery to repair a broken leg.
  • Christa Duve Resweber is suffering with some undiagnosed medical issues.
  • Cynthia Butler is in Jefferson Manor Nursing Home. 
  • Julie Ashton has been diagnosed with stage 3C epithelial ovarian cancer.  
  • Grieving families
  • Marilyn Carpenter is working with home therapy and welcomes & needs visitors.
  • Candy Lackie is in St. James Place.
  • Ronnie Harper is in The Woodleigh #216
  • Willie Andrews is in Carrington Rehab.
  • Nancy & AJ DeMarcay for health issues; AJ has been moved to Jefferson Health Center but is able to walk.
  • AD & Dot Carter health issues.
  • Jennifer Baumgartner has a vestibular/balance disorder which makes life very difficult.
  • Jerry Kimbrough continues treatments for an orbital lymphoma. 
  • Glen Carpenter improve from cancer of the tongue.
  • Missionary Families -David & Ana Guaicara; Winston and Luis Bolt are in Indonesia.  

Friends and Family of Members

  • Friends of the Tuckers, DeMarco family, is grieving the unexpected passing of their 23-year-old son. 
  • Teri Myers' stepdad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and will began chemo treatments. 
  • Ruth Mathews has two relatives suffering with serious health issues. 
  • Lavern Webb's friends, Tammy, Ann and Terry need our prayers for health issues.
  • Kelly, Loren Scott's daughter, received a good pathology report. Her treatments (chemo & radiation) should be more manageable than first expected.
  • Leah Cranfied's sister, Ann, is having health issues.
  • Tom Duve's nephew, Charlie, was in a serious accident. He has a long recovery ahead of him. 
  • Gloria Vessel's brother, Ernest, is having heart function problems. 
  • Kathy Heitzenrater (former member) working with doctors to adjust medication for pain management of Trigeminal Neuralgia. 
  • Laura Rainier's grandfather, Mike (mom's stepdad) was diagnosed with a cancerous spot in his sinuses. 
  • Jerry Hendrick (former member) battles esophageal cancer. 
  • Laura Kate Amrhein's father, Sam Barham, is battling leukemia. 
  • Brian Fennell's sister, Diane Mcmahon, battles breast cancer. 
  • Vicki Doyle has a friend who is suffering memory loss.
  • Greg Douglas' sister, Glenda, continues to face many surgeries due to serious burn accident. Prayers for healing both physically and emotionally. 
  • Vernon Samuels, Albert Samuel's mother, is in a nursing home in Shreveport.
  • Judy & Larry Kindred (friends of Beatty's) suffer with many health issues, plus a recent car accident.
  • Jeanne Beatty's Friend, Dot Lofton suffering with MS and severe depression and resides in a nursing home.
  • Charlotte Word's Mother, Patsy Williams, health and care issues.
  • Charlotte Hue's mother struggles with health issues.
  • Sonja Laborde's mother, Jane Riner, lives with a fracture in her neck. She is 80 yrs old.