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Prayer Requests - Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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  • Prayers for Cliff Cole and his family of as they grieve the passing of his father, Ed Cole. He resided in Florida.
  • Our love and prayers are with Mary Bates and her family as they mourn the passing of P.C., who passed away Tuesday morning. Please look under events for more information on the scheduled services.
  • Brenda Priddy's brother, Robert, is in serious condition in the hospital as he battles cancer.
  • Paul Brown, passed away in Tennessee, where he resided. Prayers for his wife and family.
  • Keith Thorton and his family needs our prayers as they grieve the passing of his mom, Gwen Thorton. 
  • Marilyn Carpenter has been moved to the Guest House on FloridaSage Rehab for physical therapy. Visitor welcome during visiting hours.
  • Prayers for the Pullman family as they grieve the passing of Claudia's father, Claude.
  • Laura Rainier's family is mourning the passing of her brother, Jeff Jones. 
  • Judy Carney heart issues are getting a little worse. She requests your prayers.
  • Sonya Haviland is recovering from surgery to repair a broken fibula. 
  • Candy Lackie is in St. James Place.
  • Jenny Carpenter is undergoing chemo treatments. Prayers for complete and speedy recovery.
  • Leelice Fontenot is in Colonial Care nursing home after suffering two broken ankles.
  • Bryan-Austin Plunkett, son of Bridgett Plunkett, grandson of Kimbroughs, suffers with chronic pancreatitis. 
  • Willie Andrews is in Carrington Rehab.
  • Nancy DeMarcay for health issues and for husband, AJ as he cares for her and adjust to their new living arrangements 
  • Lottie Frank is undergoing treatments for cancer. 
  • AD & Dot Carter health issues.
  • Jennifer Baumgartner has a vestibular/balance disorder which makes life very difficult.
  • Jerry Kimbrough continues treatments for an orbital lymphoma. 
  • Lusi Bolt -Our missionary, wife of Winston, is doing better. She is better able to handle the cancer, now that other health issues have been addressed.
  • Glen Carpenter continues to improve from cancer of the tongue, speech is improving. 
  • Missionary Families -Please remember our missionaries Denis & Robbie Ruiz and David & Ana Guaicara our missionaries in Venezuela; Matt & Nicole Fitzgerald are in Honduras; Winston and Luis Bolt are in Indonesia.  

Friends and Family of Members

  • Laura Kate Amrhein's father, Sam Barham, is battling leukemia.
  • Laurie McDonald request prayers for the infant daughter of an employee who has been hospitalized with bowel resection and having surgery.
  • Anne Dunn request prayers for Cindy, a 12-year-old, who is suffering with Arthritis & Fibromyalgia.
  • Brandy Vazquez' cousin's infant son, Jude, passed away at daycare during nap time, probable SIDS. His parents, Dorian & Sable need your prayers. 
  • Jimmie Carter's son-in-law, Raymond, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma).
  • Gay Adams father's is battling cancer. He lives in Oklahoma. 
  • Bayham's friend's granddaughter has had several surgeries for injuries sustained in a fall and there has been some improvement. However, there is still no feeling her legs. 
  • Brian Fennell's sister, Diane Mcmahon, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 
  • Ellis' friend, Barbara, battles ovarian cancer.
  • Vicki Doyle has a friend who is suffering memory loss.
  • Leah Cranfield request prayers for the health of both of her sisters and also her son, Joe for health issues. Her sister Nan, is struggling with cancer.
  • Brandy Vazquez' father, Ricky Colligan, Sr., is recovering from surgery of a thumb amputation.
  • Gloria Vessel's cousin, Yvonne, dealing with serious health issues and continued treatments.
  • Greg Douglas' sister, Glenda Thomas, continues with treatment and emotional healing after begin badly burned in a work accident. 
  • Vernon Samuels, Albert Samuel's mother, is in a nursing home in Shreveport.
  • Friends of Beattys, Judy and Larry Kindred need prayers for their health.
  • Charlotte Word's Mother, Patsy Williams, has difficulty walking.
  • Charlotte Hue's mother has moved from Nottingham to a relatives' home with help of home health.
  • Sonja Laborde's mother, Jane Riner, lives with a fracture in her neck. She is 80 yrs old. 
  • Jeanne Beatty's Friends, Dot and Wayne Lofton. Dot is suffering with MS and Wayne has leukemia.
  • Elaine Green, Jeannie Beatty’s cousin, suffers with health issues.
  • Donnie & Veris Batie's family member, Valerian B. Smith, has health issue and needs our prayers.