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Prayer Requests - Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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  • AD Carter suffered a fall, hitting his head and breaking his right hand. He is in Our Lady of the Lake for observation but since being in the hospital has developed some fluid in the lungs and trouble with blood pressure. 
  • Will Corwin's back surgery for a bulging disc went well. He will be going home, but will not be able to leave home for 2 weeks.
  • Nancy Kimbrough had knee replacement surgery and is now home recovering. 
  • Pearl Foreman is in Our Lady of the Lake Rehabilitation Hospital after suffering a fall that resulted in hip replacement.
  • Pat Raines' family is grieving the passing of Bob's sister, Kathleen. Funeral services will be held in Humboldt, TN.
  • Phoebe Weaver has moved to St. James Assisted Living. 
  • Randy Curtis had surgery on June 3rd and is recovering well.
  • Micky Knighten's brother-in-law passed away in an auto accident. 
  • Christa Duve Resweber is suffering with some undiagnosed medical issues.
  • Cynthia Butler is in Jefferson Manor Nursing Home. 
  • Julie Ashton has been diagnosed with stage 3C epithelial ovarian cancer.  
  • Grieving families
  • Marilyn Carpenter is working with home therapy and welcomes & needs visitors.
  • Candy Lackie is in St. James Place.
  • Ronnie Harper is in The Woodleigh on Old Hammond.
  • Willie Andrews is in Carrington Rehab.
  • Nancy & AJ DeMarcay for health issues; AJ has been moved to Jefferson Health Center but is able to walk.
  • AD & Dot Carter health issues.
  • Jennifer Baumgartner has a vestibular/balance disorder which makes life very difficult.
  • Jerry Kimbrough continues treatments for an orbital lymphoma. 
  • Glen Carpenter improve from cancer of the tongue.
  • Missionary Families -David & Ana Guaicara; Winston and Luis Bolt are in Indonesia.  

Friends and Family of Members

  • Wanda Whittington's family member, Ambrose, is in critical condition in the hospital, prayers requested.
  • Mike Murphy's brother, Charles, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer. More results to follow.
  • Friend of the Tudors, Rachel, is battling brain cancer.
  • Friends of the Tuckers, DeMarco family, is grieving the unexpected passing of their 23-year-old son. 
  • Teri Myers' stepdad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and has started chemo treatments. Her mom is beginning physical therapy. 
  • Ruth Mathews has two relatives suffering with serious health issues. 
  • Lavern Webb's friends, Tammy, Ann and Terry need our prayers for health issues.
  • Kelly, Loren Scott's daughter, has done very well after surgery and treatments for brain cancer and has been able to return to work. She did suffer a seizure this week and medication adjustment should correct issue.
  • Leah Cranfied's sister, Ann, is having health issues.
  • Tom Duve's nephew, Charlie, was in a serious accident. He has a long recovery ahead of him. 
  • Gloria Vessel's brother, Ernest, is having heart function problems. 
  • Kathy Heitzenrater (former member) working with doctors to adjust medication for pain management of Trigeminal Neuralgia. 
  • Laura Rainier's grandfather, Mike (mom's stepdad) was diagnosed with a cancerous spot in his sinuses. 
  • Jerry Hendrick (former member) battles esophageal cancer. 
  • Laura Kate Amrhein's father, Sam Barham, is battling leukemia. 
  • Brian Fennell's sister, Diane Mcmahon, battles breast cancer. 
  • Vicki Doyle has a friend who is suffering memory loss.
  • Greg Douglas' sister, Glenda, continues to face many surgeries due to serious burn accident. Prayers for healing both physically and emotionally. 
  • Vernon Samuels, Albert Samuel's mother, is in a nursing home in Shreveport.
  • Judy & Larry Kindred (friends of Beatty's) suffer with many health issues, plus a recent car accident.
  • Jeanne Beatty's Friend, Dot Lofton suffering with MS and severe depression and resides in a nursing home.
  • Charlotte Word's Mother, Patsy Williams, health and care issues.
  • Charlotte Hue's mother struggles with health issues.
  • Sonja Laborde's mother, Jane Riner, lives with a fracture in her neck. She is 80 yrs old.