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Prayer Requests - Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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  • Mark & Amberly Finch delivery a baby boy, Cameron Seth, safely on Monday, Feb. 17. All are doing well.
  • Leelice Fontenot passed away on Sunday, February 16. Funeral arrangements are pending.
  • Christa Duve Resweber and newborn, Alice Jane have been discharged from the hospital after a few complications. 
  • Glenn Allen's brother received a cancer diagnosis and will begin treatments. 
  • Bill Easley passed away Friday, Jan. 31st. Funeral will be Saturday, Feb. 8th at Greenoaks Funeral Home in Baton Rouge. 
  • Linn Herman is undergoing medical testing for complete diagnosis and treatment of health issues. 
  • Family of Willie Andrews as they grieve her passing on Friday, January 17. 
  • Alex Weaver had knee surgery on Jan. 8 and is home recovering.
  • Mike Murphy is battling serious health issues.
  • Tom Pullman is recovering from another back surgery. 
  • Randy Curtis needs our prayers as he recovers from surgery for colon cancer. 
  • Terri Tindall had successful knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, Dec. 18th. and is working in physical therapy.
  • Jerry Kimbrough continues to need your prayers. 
  • Lora Taylor will have surgery to place a plate on fractured femur.
  • Marilyn Carpenter is home from rehabilitation but continues to need to build strength.
  • Prayers for our grieving families
  • Cynthia Butler is in Jefferson Manor Nursing Home. 
  • Candy Lackie is in St. James Place.
  • Ronnie Harper is in The Woodleigh on Old Hammond.
  • Nancy & AJ DeMarcay for health issues.
  • Dot Carter health issues and grief.
  • Glen Carpenter improve from cancer of the tongue.
  • Missionary Families -David & Ana Guaicara; Winston and Luis Bolt are in Indonesia.  

Friends and Family of Members

  • Glenda Tate's nephew, Joe Terrell, passed away on Feb. 6, at 34. He had battled several different cancers. Prayers to this family.
  • Pam Wylie's cousin, Danny, has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.
  • Carolyn Myer's dad, Oscar Armstrong, is in hospice care.
  • Brandy Vazquez' brother, Rickey, continues with treatments and procedures to heal an injury from work accident.
  • Friend of Lawson family, Mike, suffered a serious heart attack and is in ICU in Nashville with uncertain prognosis. 
  • Benji, friend to many in our homeschool community, suffered a serious brain injury due to a fall and is in specialized program in New Orleans for recovery.  
  • Vicki Doyle's friend, Julie, is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.
  • Teri Myers' mother has been diagnosed with cancer, she is handling chemo well. Her stepdad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, continues with chemo and has CT scan scheduled.
  • Tad Hardy's mom, Jean, has been moved to skilled nursing facility. 
  • Greg Douglas' sister's boyfriend, Raymond, was diagnosed with prostate/colon cancer. He is recovering from surgery to remove part of his colon.
  • Norma Henley, Glenda Tate's sister, is going through treatments and needs your prayers.
  • Don Stewart's great niece, Myliee (10 yr.old) was in a serious 4 wheeler accident. Prayers for healing and no brain damage.
  • Mike Murphy's brother, Charles, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer. 
  • Friend of the Tudors, Rachel, is battling brain cancer. 
  • Ruth Mathews has two relatives suffering with serious health issues. 
  • Kelly, Loren Scott's daughter, continues to recover from brain cancer surgery & medication treatments. 
  • Tom Duve's nephew, Charlie, was in a serious accident. He has a long recovery ahead of him.
  • Jerry Hendrick (former member) battles esophageal cancer. 
  • Laura Kate Amrhein's father, Sam Barham, is battling leukemia. 
  • Vicki Doyle has a friend who is suffering memory loss and has now retired from her job.
  • Doyle's friend, Rhett Guerin, is undergoing chemo for brain tumor. Please lift he and his family in prayers. 
  • Greg Douglas' sister, Glenda, continues to face many surgeries due to serious burn accident. 
  • Laura Rainier's step grandfather, Mike, struggles with COPD.
  • Judy & Larry Kindred (friends of Beatty's) suffer with many health issues, plus a recent car accident.
  • Jeanne Beatty's Friend, Dot Lofton suffering with MS and severe depression and resides in a nursing home.
  • Charlotte Word's Mother, Patsy Williams, health and care issues.
  • Charlotte Hue's mother struggles with health issues.
  • Sonja Laborde's mother, Jane Riner, lives with a fracture in her neck.