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Worship and Nursery Workers

Worship Workers for October 2018

Keith Thornton - Coordinator

Date Opening Prayer Communion Leader
10/7/18 None

Kin Ellis

10/14/18 None

Joe Tudor

10/21/18 None

Blaine Tucker

10/28/18 None

Lynn Wooley

 Communion Servers: Spencer Fennell, Kyle Franklin, David Gregor, Tom Pullman, Gabriel Ruiz & Benhou Yan.

Usher: Kenny Clark & Don Stewart

Please check in with the coordinator 15 minutes before service time. If you are not able to serve on a particular Sunday, please contact  Coordinator. 


Nursery Workers for October 2018

Samantha Hawkins & Alyssa Tudor - Coordinators

Date Baby Nursery Toddler Nursery

Jenny Lukongo
Marta Lukongo
Kaylan Chesney

Melissa & Charley Ellis
Necole Weaver

Allison Davis
Meagan D'Amico
Corinne D'Amico

Sonya Haviland
Tonya Collins

Alyssa Tudor
Meagan D'Amico & Corinne

Jennifer Yale
Mallory Foreman

Nancy Esmon
Adison D'Amico
Jane Breithaupt 

Francis Bayham
Shawei Chen