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Worship and Nursery Workers

Worship Workers 

September - Coordinator
1st/Keith Thornton
2nd/Ben White

Date Communion Leader 1st Communion Leader 2nd
10/6/19 Tim Ashton


10/13/19 John Fu


10/20/19 James Guillory


10/27/19 Loren Scott


October Communion Servers

1st Service: John Allen, Donnie Batie, Brian Fennell, Kyle Franklin, Ernie Gammon, Jon Max Herman.

2nd Service: Greg Palmer, Lou Vazquez, Steve Wood, Mickey Knighten, Don Stewart, Kurt Barclay, Lynn Wooley, Josh Myers.

October Usher: Bob Bayham; Joe Patin


Please check in with the coordinator 10 minutes before service time. If you are not able to serve on a particular Sunday, please contact  Coordinator. 

Nursery Workers 

All nursery attendants are required to go through background checks, take a safety policy class and Daylight to Dark child abuse training. Trained Attendants are then assigned on a weekly basis. 

Date Location  1st Service - 8:30am  2nd Service - 11:30am