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Worship and Nursery Workers

Worship Workers for June 2018

James Guillory - Coordinator

Date Opening Prayer Communion Leader
6/3/18 None

Tad Hardy

6/10/18 None

Allen Beaman

6/17/18 None

Brian Anderson

6/24/18 None

Benhou Yan

 Communion Servers: Allen Schulenberg, Wangwang Xu, David Smith, Pat Beatty, Greg Palmer, Joe Schell.

Please check in with the coordinator 15 minutes before service time. If you are not able to serve on a particular Sunday, please contact  Coordinator. 


Nursery Workers for June 2018

Samantha Hawkins & Alyssa Tudor - Coordinators

Date Baby Nursery Toddler Nursery

Stacy Gaskin
Christa Duve
Taylor Gaskin

Angelle Herman
Cindy Allen

Susan Hardy
Debbie Tudor
Vicki Doyle

Kate Tucker & girls
Rachel Belaire

Tonya Collins & girls
Meagan D'Amico & girls

Joanne DeAngelis
Yuziu Liu
Becky Knighten

Jane Breithaupt
Nancy Esmon
Adison D'Amico

Jennifer Yale
Mallory Foreman