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Worship and Nursery Workers

Worship Workers for November 2018

Louis August - Coordinator

Date Opening Prayer Communion Leader
11/4/18 None

Allen Beaman

11/11/18 None

David Esmon

11/18/18 None

Herb Vessel

11/25/18 None

John Fu

 Communion Servers: Tom Duve, Hudson Tucker, Kenny Clark, Cole Franklin, Chad Haviland & Brian Fennell.

Usher: Donnie Batie & Robert Neel

Please check in with the coordinator 15 minutes before service time. If you are not able to serve on a particular Sunday, please contact  Coordinator. 


Nursery Workers for November 2018

Samantha Hawkins & Alyssa Tudor - Coordinators

Date Baby Nursery Toddler Nursery

Stacy Gaskin
Christa Duve
Taylor Gaskin 

Joanne DeAngelis
Donna Ellis

Janel Marcus
Makenna Mathews
Leah Cranfield 

 Mary Raines & Cameron
Hongyue Wang & Girls

Susan Hardy
Debbie Tudor
Vicki Doyle 

Janie Lawson
Alyssa Tudor

 Jane Breithaupt
Nancy Esmon

 Mackenzie Gregor
Cindy Allen