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Elder Selection Timeline

Timeline for the Elder Selection Process:

January 28 (Sunday)

  • Announce the beginning of the Elder Selection Process
  • “Upside Down” Sermon Series Begins (3 weeks)

February 4 (Sunday)

Bible Classes/Life Groups Begin Discussing Material on Elders/Leadership (3 weeks)

February 15 – 18 (Thursday-Sunday)

Four Days of Prayer and Fasting: Asking for God’s direction and wisdom in this process.

February 18 (Sunday)

Nomination Phase Begins: Nomination forms are provided to all baptized members.

March 4 (Sunday)

Nomination Phase Ends: Form Deadline (Unsigned nomination forms and nomination forms turned in after the deadline will not be accepted. No more than 6 names can be submitted by one person.)

March 4 – 21

Through a series of meetings and conversations the following steps will occur:

  • March 4  Nomination forms are received.
  • March 7  Elders meet to pray, spiritually discern, and review the nominations.
  • March 7 – 14 Elders select names of those to place before the congregation from the nominations and contact those men asking them to consider serving as a shepherd of South Baton Rouge Church of Christ.
  • March 14 – 21 The men who have been nominated engage in prayerful reflection and “counting the cost.” Those men who have been nominated and are willing to serve inform the elders of their decision by March 21.

March 25 (Sunday)

Discernment Phase Begins. Announce to the church the names of the men who are willing to serve.

April 1 (Sunday)

Discernment Phase Ends.

April 4 (Wednesday)

Elders meet to pray over this process and address any unresolved issues.

April 5 – 11

Elders confirm and notify incoming elders.

April 15 (Sunday)

Appoint the men who will serve as additional elders before the congregation.