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Elder Selection 2018

South Baton Rouge Church of Christ
Elder Selection 2018


South Baton Rouge Church of Christ held its first worship service on March 16, 1975.  Since that time our church has installed new elders six times. Each time the process differed. Scripture does not provide a binding example of one procedure that must be followed for all congregations. There are, however, several principles that we feel should be followed. The whole process should be bathed in prayer to God for his guidance and our discernment in the process. The process should appropriately involve both the input of the congregation and the elders in the selection process, a process that is clearly defined beforehand and then followed. The goal should be identifying, with the help of God and scriptural guidance, faithful servants of God gifted by God’s Spirit and wisdom to carry out this work. The process should conclude with the congregational recognition and appointment of those selected.

Previous SBRCC Elder Selections

  • 1976: Perry Chesney, Joe Mitchen, Jack Wright
  • 1982: Jimmie Carter, Ray Morris, Bill Swiggart
  • 1991: Jimmie Lawson, Charles Harlow
  • 2000: Bayardo Jiron, Darryl Sanderson
  • 2003: Mickey Pounders
  • 2009: Bob Heitzenrater, Chuck Morris, Herb Vessel

The below links will take you to pages that outline Elder Selection 2018: 

Existing ministry staff is encouraged to facilitate discussions and classes to better inform and prepare members for this process:

  • Youth Ministry (Blaine Tucker) 
  • Campus Ministry and Worship Ministry (Jay Ellis) 
  • Chinese Ministry (David Finch) 
  • Life Groups and Adult Classes (Kin Ellis and Mark Hadley)

Materials for personal study and reflection are found below, and can be used for group discussions also. Please click the links to open the articles: