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King's Quarter

King's Quarter is an elementary program of instruction that utilizes a rotation method in 9 class stations.

Book Nook

The Book Nook station in the elementary King's Quarter program allows children to learn a Bible lesson in a library theme atmosphere. Children listen to the Bible lesson and learn how to use concordances, Bible dictionaries, and maps. By using photo books of Biblical places and videos, the Book Nook allows children to see actual places described in their lessons.

"HolyWord" Cinema

The "HolyWord" Cinema station in the elementary King's Quarter program allows children to experience the Bible lesson in a  wonderful movie theater atmosphere. Following the Bible lesson, children watch a video depicting the lesson or lesson objective.

HIStory Museum

The "HIStory Museum" is a wonderful station in the elementary King's Quarter program where children are allowed to explore and learn about the culture and customs of people that are described in their Bible lessons. Children have made blocks with straw and discovered interesting "artifacts" in an archaeological sand dig box.

The Potter's Wheel

The Potter's Wheel is one of 8 stations in the King's Quarter elementary program that allows the children to express the Bible lesson in a creative and imaginative way: drawing, painting, clay and other artistic creations.

Puppet Playhouse

The Puppet Playhouse Station allows children to train as puppeteers as they perform scripts from a Bible lesson and sing songs of praise to their classmates.

Living Word Theater

The Living Word Theater provides a curtained stage for children to recreate Bible lessons using costumes and scripts.

King's Quarter Market

Children may exchange their King's Quarter Bible Bucks for an assortment of items found at the King's Quarter Market.

Bible Mania Game Station

The Bible Mania Game Station provides a fun and exciting environment for children to answer and review questions they have learned during the month from other King's Quarter station lessons.

Community Caring Cafe'

The Community Caring Cafe' allows the children to study the Bible lesson and participate in a service project each month to help and encourage others in the congregation and the community.