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What to Expect

Let’s face it, whenever we go some place new, we wonder what to expect and what we’re getting ourselves into. So let us share with you what you’re “getting yourself into” when you worship with us.

As you can imagine, every Sunday worship assembly isn’t exactly the same, but there are some common ingredients we mix in every week.

Singing and music play a big part of our Sunday worship. Music captures our hearts for God. So we sing to Him and each other. Our first service is acappella music only. Our second service is a mixture of instrumental contemporary Christian praise songs and acappella songs. You can sing with us or you can sit back and listen to great melodies and lyrics written to bring us closer to God and to each other.   

The Bible is read and taught. One of our church values that plays out in Sunday worship is the belief that God’s word transforms lives and cultures. At every Sunday worship, you can expect a time of sharing and teaching from the Bible.

Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection is remembered and celebrated during communion. The greatest event in history is the three days when Jesus died, was buried, and then was resurrected for our sins. So you can expect a time every Sunday for us to call back to our minds this pivotal part of our salvation as we gather around the table to break bread and drink the cup.

We also pray. Communication is a two way street in all relationships, as it is in our relationship with God. You can expect to hear prayers offered to God every Sunday. Prayers of thanks, prayers for help, and even prayers of confession for when we mess up.

And yes you can expect us to pass the plate asking for money. We give money every Sunday. All members are encouraged to share part of their resources with our church. It seems a fair exchange. God blesses our lives through South, so we want to thank God by giving back to him. As a visiting guest you won’t be expected to give…until the church is a blessing to you.

And here are some other things you can expect. Meeting some normal, warm, and friendly people who are probably a lot like you. Most of us live in the same place and culture that you do. We have too much to do and too little time to do it. So Sunday worship for us is a time to slow down, hang out, and realign ourselves with God and people who are trying to live for God. It's pretty normal for many of our church family to stay around and visit for a while after worship services conclude.

What should you wear? Clothes are always a good option.  South is a very diverse congregation.  Diverse in culture, background, nationality, race, and even language.  This is also found in our clothing styles.There is no formal dress code at South.  You can expect to see people from blue jeans to business casual. 

Every Sunday we also share family announcements. They help to keep us current on what God is doing among us and keep us connected to each other and our community.

Bring your expectations with you to worship, especially the ones where you expect to meet up with God and we’ll do our best to meet them.